About CryptoGroup LLC

CryptoGroup LLC was born in early 2017, the brainchild of its co-founder, Matthew Kading an intellectual property law attorney and active crypto-currency miner and developer.  Seeing an opportunity in mining certain currencies with used and refurbished graphics processing units, Matt ran the numbers and decided to make a move on the large Chinese crypto-mining super-farms. Matt brought co-founder Jason Williams, a hi-tech business owner and venture capitalist that grew up on the hardscrabble streets of Detroit, Michigan into the mix and in March of 2017, CryptoGroup LLC was officially formed as an Arizona limited liability company.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt developed a simple plan to build a revolutionary new crypto-mining rig:  a rig that ran almost exclusively on power generated using photo-voltaic (solar) cells.   Phoenix is the third sunniest place on Earth, so to NOT try and tap that resource to help reduce or eliminate the single largest hard cost facing large mining farms – the cost of powering several hundred GPUs – would amount to failure in oversight. These two friends then developed the business plan with 4 cores that comprise the foundation of the company today:

  • (1)      deployment of a large-scale crypto-mining farm comprised of 20 rigs and 140 GPUs that can mine ZCash at over 44,000 Hashes/second or Ethereum at 2600 MH/s;
  • (2)     design, engineering, manufacture and sale of mining rigs to the general public interested in entering this burgeoning area of global trade, finance and economics
  • (3)     hosting the mining rigs purchased by our clients for a monthly fee or percentage of the gross mining revenue of each rig, where we take responsibility for operation, fine-tuning, maintenance, and repair of the client’s rig(s), while the client simply watches the Bitcoin, ZCash or other crypto-currency in his wallet begin to grow exponentially; and,
  • (4)     development and implementation of the first completely solar-powered GPU mining rig.